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​Almost Maine

  by John Cariani  

September ​​8th @8

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September 17th @230


​Almost, Maine is a collection of nine short vignettes that explore love and loss through the lens of an extremely remote and seemingly mythical almost town in rural Maine. The play takes on the topic through a very comic lens: a woman carries a shattered heart in a bag, a man shrinks in size after having his heart broken, friends of the opposite sex fall down constantly until they realize they love each other. Through this surreal viewpoint, Cariani takes viewers on a ride to remember.


PETE  - Chris Black

GINETTE - Christina O'Shea
MARVALYN - Michelle Labozzetta

STEVE - Chris Black
GAYLE-  Christina O'Shea

LENDALL - John Brautigam

RANDY - Chris Black 

CHAD - John Torres
MAN  - John Torres

HOPE - Christina O'Shea  
GLORY -  Michelle Labozzetta

EAST - John Brautigam
WAITRESS - Christina O'Shea

JIMMY - John Torres

SANDRINE -  Luisa Marino
DAVE - John Brautigam

RHONDA -  Luisa Marino
MARCY - Michelle Labozzetta

PHIL - John Brautigam

Production team:
Stage Manager....Matt Rosenberg
Director......................Tony Rios